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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Joy-filled Christmas 2013

And so this is Christmas, what have we done...

It's been a crazily packed December for me, and I have to apologise for the silence on this blog. No excuse, but I've been so busy, it must be the busiest month of the year for me. My typical weekday starts with art classes in the morning and afternoon, private tuition and art classes in the early evening and ends with center tuition in the late evening.

The reason for the jam-packed schedule in December is to create a buffer for January - I hope to "buy" more time to help the kids settle into their new schedule. Shanice is starting Primary 1, while Renee and Baby Nat begin a new journey in the Preschool Shanice graduated from.

I couldn't be more grateful to my mom and helper - my mom for helping up over a couple of weekends when my helper is on leave and my helper for minding the 3 little ones for me while I went about with my schedule. Couldn't imagine how things would have been without them. I also need to thank all my clients for giving me opportunities to work with them (thank you!), without which, I would have starved (nope, not exaggerated at all!).

Though it's been a busy month, I've been very happy working. I love to work, it's in my nature. The only downside is missing the time with my children during the day. I know, it's pretty much like when I was working full-time and it is an irony, cos I quit to have more time with them. But this is necessary, being a self-employed now, I need to be on an "ant-mode", who knows when would winter come?! The ideal plan and target I am working towards is to work more on weekends and save more time on weekdays to be with the children. If you ask me, working 2 days in a week would be ideal! And, that is possible, if I manage to get more face-painting and balloon sculpting orders which are mostly on weekends.

Now, before you click away, this is STILL a Christmas post. I'll fill in more on my eventful December another time, In the mood of the festive, here's sharing some of the little Christmas activities we did in between my work schedule...

Cupcake Sugar Craft
Here's a little project I did with J (my private art student). I brought the left over sugar dough home and continued to have more fun with it with my little ones.
Here's what J and I did for one of our lessons in December.

Here's what we did at home...

Renee was very serious about getting it right

Here's her Christmas tree. I thought it was perfect! 
Shanice was having much fun. She was in a laughing mode, just happy to be doing something together.
From right to left, Smiley and Christmas Tree by Renee and Green Butterfly by Shanice
A prettier picture of the cupcakes we made

The girls gave the cupcakes to our neighbours. And we made more, just for the fun of it! 
Snowing Fun-time
If you haven't been to City Square Mall, here's a good time to visit. They are 'snowing' there till 29 Dec at 8 and 9pm daily.
It was snowing foam and blasting with music and colourful lights!
My girls were having so much fun.
My little boy was amused - admiring the lights and snow.
Renee and her new foam shoes!
The kids in Santa's house
Hey little ones, these are you (you, you, and you) on December 2013

Christmas Cards
I received a call from home after tution one day. Shanice called and in a hasty voice beckoned me to go home as soon as possible. Naturally, I was worried and quickly asked her what happened. She then told me I should hurry home as she wanted to make Christmas cards. I was almost 8pm and I could understand why, she wanted to make the cards before her bedtime at 9.30pm.

Finger Printed Card by Shanice

She made a list of recipients, but only got a few done that night. Up till now, she has yet to complete the list. I doubt it will happen this year :)
Making a card for her friend, Jolin. 
While Shanice had a plan, little Renee was more interested in having fun...
painting her hands and stamping them. 
Little Nat was more interested in milk and tv :)
Apart from the activities we did on our own, we also attended a few parties, and the girls performed in a Christmas Concert. It was Renee's first performance, and she had so much fun!

The girls, in our family car, on our way to the concert venue. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Call me maybe, not. (aka quick intro to PDPC Singapore's "DO NOT CALL" Registry)

Imagine you were waiting for an important call, akin to Jepsen in her hit, "Call Me Maybe". And your phone rang! It's an unknown number, "could it be...?" you thought, and your heart jumped a beat. You held your excitement, tried your best to be cool about it, cleared your throat and timed yourself before you pick up the phone...

"Good morning, Miss Diana. I am Tom representing ....."

Tom? Who's Tom? How many calls and text messages have you received from a or many Toms in a day? Well, I receive almost an average of 3 a day (Tom loves me, I reckon maybe ;p). If you would like to protect your number from unsolicited telemarketing calls, here's the good news:

Starting in 2 December you can register your number on Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore's DO NOT CALL Registry ("DNC") to protect your number from unsolicited telemarketing activities. 

There are 3 registration methods:
1. Online Registration at
2. SMS Registration 
Information taken from

3. Toll Free Numer Registration
Information taken from

The DNC consists of 3 registers, namely:
  • No Voice Call Register
  • No Text Message Register 
  • No Fax Message Register
If your number is not a fax number, please remember to register it on the "No Fax Message Register" too. 

You may still receive telemarketing calls after registration if:
1. You have given clear consent to specific organisation/company before or after registration. So, read the terms and conditions before signing up for a lucky draw or free membership.
2. The caller represents a foreign company. The DNC only protects your number from all organisations and companies in Singapore
3. Within 60 days (starting from 2 Jan 2014) and 30 days (starting from 2 July 2014) from the day you have registered. 

For more information on DNC, please check out the following video or visit

If you are keen to find our more, here are 2 upcoming Consumer Talks you may consider to attend:

The Personal Data Protection Act and What It Means to You
15 January 2014, Wednesday. 7 to 8.30pm at Central Public Library. No Fees required.
To register, visit :

Knowing Your Choices: Personal Data Protection Act & Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act
18 January 2014, Saturday. 9.30am to 12.00nn at NTUC Center. Fee at $5 (inclusive of GST)
To register, visit:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I've attended a briefing session on Do Not Call Registry by and would like to share the information with my readers. I am not in any way related to PDPC and all opinions mentioned in this post are my own. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

BioSkin Skin Rebirth Treatment Review

What's a Taitai (aka lady of leisure) lifestyle without facial? Albeit, Taitai-dom is still a dream, it's never too early to have a taste of quality facial at BioSkin @ The Central.

BioSkin @ The Central
So, there I was at the classy beauty center for their new and highly acclaimed Skin Rebirth Treatment. I grew up watching Zoe Tay's dramas, so when I heard that she is the brand ambassador for and has personally benefited from the treatment, I was more than keen to experience it too. 

Winnie, the beautician explained the process and benefits of the treatment to me with professionalism and patience. She told pains to draw diagram, show me videos and information on the iPad to assure me that the treatment is safe and non-invasive. 
Fun Fact: There are 4 levels of treatment for Skin Rebirth. Zoe Tay took Power 4. After analyzing my skin conditions, Winnie recommended me to tray Power 1.

Classy and comfortable interiors 

That's me, unedited. The white substance on my face is numbing cream. As the name suggests, it helps to numb my skin. I wear it on my face for 20 mins before it is removed. 
The numbing cream was quintessential if you are like me, has a low threshold for pain. Depending on the intensity of the treatment you choose, expect some minor pricking pain during treatment.

BioSkin Skin Rebirth uses Fractional Radio Frequency for treatment
This is the machine used. 

"So, what is exactly is Skin Rebirth and what's so great about it?" If you have the same query as I did, here's a little something about it :

Skin Rebirth uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency energy to penetrate deep into the skin in order to enable collagen re-modelling, skin resurfacing and treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars.

"How does Fractional RF works?" I thought I heard you say.
Fractional RF energy is emitted by fractional sub-pulses spaced by very short pauses of thermal relaxation time in one treatment pulse. This modality enables to achieve an enhanced effect of deeper penetration and optimized efficacy, with less discomfort to the patient and a deeper gradual dermal effect.

Here's a little something I've taken from their brochure, comparing the various type of skin renewal treatments.

So, who is suitable for the Skin Rebirth treatment? Let's look at what is BioSkin Rebirth recommended for to decipher that. 
  • Skin Renewal
  • Pigmentation / Acne Scar Lightening
  • Lifted V-shaped Face
  • Pores Tightening
  • Wrinkle Reduction 

My face right after the treatment, unedited and no filter used. It was slightly red and sore but still okay for me to do a little shopping right after the treatment. 
It is normal for skin to experience some redness after the treatment. Some mild scabbing might follow a couple of days later. Newly treated skin would require careful care and protection, thus, the good folks at BioSkin have very generously given me a homecare pack.

Homecare Pack - includes soothing mask, moisturizer and spray-on sunblock.

I put on the Cool Pack Soothing Mask the very night I had my treatment. It's a little wet and drippy but it's worth every drip of it. Here's how I look the morning after. 

No make-up, unedited photo. As you can see, most of the swelling has subsided. 
Me at an event at MBS hours later. The redness was almost un-noticeable under a layer of light make-up.

If you are on the fence, wondering if BioSkin Skin Rebirth is for you, here's a good opportunity to give it a try at a discounted cost.

Promotion from Bioskin: 1x Skin Rebirth + Cryo Splash @ $38 (Incl GST $40.66)

Want to find out more? Why not hear it from BioSkin directly at their FB Page here

Disclaimer: Products and services were provided by BioSkin for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. Absolutely, no monetary compensation was received. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Coolest Job

Were you at Gardens by the bay this evening? If so, we might have met on the train or at the One Direction Carnival at Super Tree Grove. I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to paint at the event. I was expecting to meet lotsa lovely young people at the event, and I did. What I wasn't expecting was their energy and enthusiasm - they were infectious! The hearts that know no wonder, and so full of hope and dreams. Boy, how I miss my teenage days.

I was painting when a group of teenagers who were waiting for their turn chatted with me casually. 
The conversation went like this:

Girl: Are you a volunteer here?
Me: Ah, nope. 
Another Girl: O, then how did you manage to be here
Me: O, an event company hired me. 
Girls: Wow, so they choose you?!
Me: Well, I guess you can say so but... 

I meant to say "not necessary in the same fashion as you might have imagined..." when a boy exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, "So, you're the CHOSEN one!" Lolx! And, everyone burst out laughing.

Girl: So you get paid?
Me: Why, yes. 
Girl to Another Girl: WOW! She's got the coolest job!

And she was absolutely right. I do have the coolest job. Here's a peek into my work at One Direction Carnival today. I believe you will agree with me that it's kinda kick-ass to be a face painter :)
LOTD for One Direction Carnival.
Super love the result of my hand-made template for the logo. 
Here's how I made the template. I searched for the logo in the internet and printed it out.
After which, I sacrificed one of my old clear folder and cut out the 1D logo with a pen knife.
Here's my booth. It's just beside the Air-Brush Tattoo booth.
Gloomy day. It was drizzling at the event but the fans were nonetheless excited and on fire for more One Direction music and merchandises  
 Here's are some of the pretty faces I painted today.

1D logo with rainbow
1D logo with Singapore Flag and red roses
more logo, flag and roses
Me and a pretty little One Direction Fan. She came with her mom and younger brother.
It was drizzling near the end of the event and her little brother offered to hold the umbrella for me. What a sweetie! I was painting with one hand and shielding my paint from the rain with an umbrella with the other hand, I couldn't be more grateful for some help :)

I had so much fun at the event, I forgot to clean my face (which I usually do) after packing up for the day. I headed home on a mrt with my 1D face painting. Now that was quite bold for my age ain't it. Yay, still has a daring spirit at heart! Still rocks to good music and not too old to be a Directioner, methink. :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making Sense of Cubism - Art Appreciation & Simple Project for Little Children

If you've been following this blog, you would have guessed by now that I am officially 'jobless' and have been surviving on ad hoc and part-time jobs for a while. I hope I can sound more certain about the future but I really can't. The things that I set out to do didn't quite fall into place. Ironically, it's the things that started out as hobbies and leisure activities that bring in the dough. One of which is kids' craft...

Every now and then I would receive enquiries on kids' craft classes, and they always make my day. I love both art and children and it couldn't get better to be paid to do what I enjoy. Recently, I met up with a preschool principal who is keen to introduce fine art to her students. We are talking about children age 3 to 6. "Ah... how ambitious!" was my first thought, but after chatting further and understanding her requirements better, it seemed likely, in fact, it seemed like a brilliant idea! The challenge would be to simplify and present the concepts and ideas behind major art movements and iconic paintings to the children and to design achievable projects for the students to execute. It excited me, and I took it up right away. Today, I am happy to report that I have got the lesson plan for the art appreciation programme done and am looking forward eagerly to meet my new students at the preschool very soon. 

Here's a sneak preview of what's in stored for my new students this December.  If you are like me, a fan of Modern Art, then this is one activity you must do with your kids at home. 

What is Cubism?
It is a major art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque during the early 20th Century. Yup, not that long ago. It was "the first abstract style of modern art". If you are keen to piece the art movements to the modern art time line, here's a good read: 

Making sense of Cubism to children

Here's what I did:
I made a box to illustrate the concept of cubism to children. Getting the children to look at the box from different angles, I ask simple questions to help them understand the limitation of perspective. 

How many colours can you see from this angle? 

Can you see purple from here?

 What about this angle, what are the shapes you see?

Because of the limitation of perspective, it is not possible for a photograph taken from a fixed angle to fully illustrate the "reality" of the box. This is where Cubism comes in handy. By cutting out the box into different pieces and regrouping them together, Cubism presents the box in it's totality.

Art Project: Acrylic on Canvas aka Tape and Paint 
Here's how to put what we've learned together on a blank canvas:

Step1 : Get the child to "cut-out" the canvas into smaller shapes using clear or masking tape. 

Step 2: Base on the colours of the box, prepare the colour palette.

Step3: Guide the child to fill up the individual shapes with various colours.

Step 4: Let them paint! And be prepared for some creative mess. :)

Step 5: Let it dry.

Step 6: Remove tape.

I love how pretty the clear tape looks. I would very much like to make it into something but that would be another project for another day :)

Expect the work to look a little messy, depending on individual preference, you may want to touch up a little or let it be. I tided ours with some white paint and ta-dahhh! Here's presenting our very own master piece!

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