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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shanice's Preschool Graduation (OMG! my kid is going to primary 1 soon!)

It was the one event I've been looking forward to for the month of October - Jiejie's Preschool Graduation Concert!

It was everything I expected and more. Not only was it a good show put up by the kids, it was a good lesson for me and my baby too...

So it was a much anticipated day and I wanted everything to be PERFECT. You see, I am a perfectionist, which isn't the most desirable characteristic for a mother. Jiejie is pretty much like me, we are both erm kinda petty and anal, sometimes (not everytime :) ).

We didn't start the evening on the right note, the kids woke up late from their nap so we had a tighter schedule to work with. I was pretty confident that everything would work out okay and on time until Shanice came running to me, wailing, "My shoes are wet!". I went like "WHAT?!". You see, little miss perfect wanted the whitest shoes for her concert and told my helper to wash her shoes. My helper didn't know that she would be wearing her shoes for the concert and decided to wash them on Sunday morning, which is the day of the concert. We were out since morning that day and was only back in time for the kids to take their nap and thus, no one knew what happened to the shoes until the eleventh hour. 

So, miss perfect got her whitest shoes possible but they were wet. Her daddy had little choice but to dry it with a hair dryer while I doll her up and get the younger sister dressed. Finally we were all set to go and everything seemed to be falling into place until ...

Daddy discovered that Meimei was wearing her comfy slippers (note, not the Cinderella slippers sort of slippers but her old trusty slippers she wears to playground and around the neighbourhood) under her pretty white gown and our car was already half-way through the tunnel! PERFECT! I could bearly breathe yet managed to scream on top of my voice until I could feel a slight burning sensation in my throat. Speaking of being a good example to the kids, ha.

I was completely out of sorts until I realised that it wasn't even MY graduation, why does it have to go the way I want it? Jiejie seemed disappointed and was tearing a little at the back seat. I HATE MYSELF! To salvage the situation, I tried to get things right as much as I could - declared that we would put the unhappiness behind (yes, I know, how easily said after I kicked up a big fuss), touched up her make-up, sent her to the backstage and went to buy the girls balloons while Daddy bought Meimei a pair of new sandals, all done in 45 minutes before the show begin. 

Daddy to the rescue - Meimei and her daddy dearest all ready for concert with her pretty new sandals. 
I wish I had a better camera phone... aiz, couldn't see her pretty face clearly in this photo. 

Jiejie and her classmates performed hip hop dance to the tune of "The Truth Song".
Jiejie and her classmate after the concert
Photo with her teacher.

My baby and I
We had supper at Mcdonalds after the concert while the girls played at the playground with Jiejie's classmate. I allowed the girls to play a little longer than usual, as if it was any consolation for my bad behaviour earlier that evening.

I ended my day with a hot fudge sundae and a good dose of guilt for spoiling a good part of the day. Thankfully, the girls were still happy and in high spirit that evening. Here's something I should learn from the kids - they forgive and forget so easily, and are always ready to seize every opportunity to enjoy themselves. That's perhaps the secret to happiness - being childlike. Now I wish I could become littler, at heart. :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

On eating Real Food at Central

Want to give your taste bud a feast without the guilt of calorie overdose?
Here's a super good food find we found in the heart of Singapore, The Central. And I really mean good food, not only are they foods that taste good, they are also good for your health foods. 

If you are vegan, vegetarian or someone on an organic diet, this cafe is a must-visit- they only serve organic vegetarian food. Dishes that are Vegan-friendly are specified in their menus too. It is perhaps the best cafe I've known in Singapore for this category. By-the-way, not that it's important- nope, we are not vegan, vegetarian and nobody's on a straight organic diet, but, we do want to eat healthier too, as much as possible :)

My favourite dish - vegetarian pizza. 
Sweet pumpkin soup served with toasted bread. Chubby's got his hand on this one, the other piece was wiped out by Meimei, the moment the soup was served. 
Fancy some fresh fruits rojak? This one is sooo good! It's refreshing and flavourful.
Sour Dough Sandwich. Yummmz.
Darn good salad. I especially appreciate the roasted pumpkin and sweet potato among the blend of fresh vege and fruits. Talking about contrast, colours, texture and taste, this salad has everything. 
Better Potato Wedges. These are not deep-fried but as tasty - actually, I think it is better than our regular fried wedges. 
Comfortable and zen-like ambiance, makes it a great place to chill with friends too.
Got a book you no longer read, but it's too good to be given away?
Give it to the folks at Real Food so others may read it too. 
A little slice of food-for-thought I took from the menu. 
Some useful information:
Real Food is located at The Central #B1-52/53.
They are open Mon to Sun, 10 am to 9.30 pm
Here's their website:

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shoebox Postbox

The girls were into cards making lately. They enjoy making little cards and notes for everyone they love - daddy, mommy, grandparents, friends and our little neighbour who is only a few months old. One of their favourite after nap activities is to deliver the little cards they made to our neighbour.

"Can we play postman?", they would ask every so often, which got me worried that the constant pressing of door bell at my neighbour's door might wake the baby up during her day-time naps. We have the best neighbour one can wish for; the couple adore the kids and never said no to a mail delivery, and the kids often came home with goodies in exchange.

I was chit chatting with my neighbour one day when she casually bought up they it would be fun to have a little postbox at her door for the kids to drop off their mails *light bulb*. "What a great ideal!", I thought. And a postbox was what me made out of an old shoebox!

Here's sharing how it's done:

You will need:

  • 1 shoebox
  • 1 thick A4 paper
  • some fancy paper (for letter cut-outs)
  • some paint
  • glue 
  • string or ribbon

Step 1: Cut a horizontal silt in the center of the shoe box (on the back side of the box) and paint the box into your desired colour.

Step 2: Make a handle by cutting a small slit on both sides of the box and slot in a length of ribbon or string. Tie a knot to secure the ribbon/string. 

Step 3: Stick one side of the thick paper onto the lid of the shoe box, and the other side onto the top of the painted side.

Step 4: Cut-out letters to form words of your choice and stick them on to the top flap.

Now we are ready to hang it on our neighbour's gate. :)

Hello little Postman!
Mail delivery! 

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Face Painting - Because I love to see children smile :)

Have I told you that I picked up face painting? No? Then, you must befriend me on FB and Instagram (>>>see the buttons on your right). Cos, I've been flooding them with pixs of lovely and happy children who had their faces painted by me :) 

I met up with a lovely young lady today, which inspired me to blog about my almost-new found love - face painting. This young lady is an Artist, a Face Painting Artist. She's a dainty girl with big dreams, which makes her all the more attractive and interesting to talk to. She's an entrepreneur, running her own event business and I thought to myself, "boy, how gutsy!". What was I doing when I was 24? I was a young bride dreaming to be a housewife someday. Now, I wish I have something more glamorous to share. Ptffffff!

Anyway, back to face painting. It seemed like almost all the event companies I called to ask for a freelance painter position has the same query: "Where did you learn face painting from and how it all started?"

Here's blogging down the story:

It all started with Jiejie insisting to have her face painted at $20 during one of the events we attended together. It's my first encounter with children face painting and I thought then, that it was a little costly. My first respond to Jiejie's request was NO(caps intended) and it wasn't even due to the cost. Picture this - the artist was seated at a corner, her desk was a mess with tissue and paint stain all over, the water cup was at best, muddy. Yup, now you got it. But Jiejie's insistence got me stuck at the corner long enough for me to notice a couple of pretty little girls beaming away with butterfly masks drawn on their faces. Maybe it was their happiness that lurked me to observe further, maybe there was a certain blue moon hidden behind the clouds that day... I agreed to let Jiejie have her face painted.  

The Artist, although looking pretty much in a mess, was in fact very good at her craft. Within minutes, Shanice was transformed into a pretty little butterfly!

I thought to myself then, "WOW! How cool!". 
I have to try this out someday... and "someday" came not too long later when the RC was looking for volunteers to help up with some children programmes. I thought to myself then, that if I could figure out how (to face paint), I could help up too. Happily, I went to Spotlight and bought some face paint to try out at home. It turned out to be lotsa fun for the kids and I! And I know at that instant, that I was hooked to it. Here's one my first works. Pretty not bad yer.*thick skin*

Since the experiment at home turned out quite well, I went ahead to volunteer myself as a Face Painter at the RC event. Here are some of my works that day.
Painting Shanice's face. 
My last pair of happy customers that day.
They waited patiently for their turn and were go well behaved throughout the process. 
I am almost sure, I painted almost 15 spidermen that day. 

Here's one more Spidy. My neighbour was saying that the whole estate was filled with little spidermen. Lolx. 
Having a few months of experience in face painting, I am looking for more opportunities to paint and earn some money out of it to help with the finances at home. As you know, I am now, officially a freeloader, surviving on freelance income. The plan in to get a few regular retainer accounts to help cover the basic expenses under my plate, while taking up other assignments (ie tution and face painting) to bring in more income. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? I almost admire my own optimism. Boy, what was I thinking? This is so risky!!! I have my situation to thank, honestly, if I wasn't given that push, I would probably take another 2, 3 years (or likely forever) to finally take the plunge. 

Now that I have 'jumped', I can (and will) only look forward to the future, the road ahead, and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll tough this out -  I can do anything, cos I'm a mom. You see, I have kids! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Sassy Six and Terrific Two (not terrible, I hope)

Some time last month (boy, we are already 1 day into Oct!), we celebrated Jiejie and Baby Nat's birthday at The City @ Liang Court.

It wasn't part of the initial to host a party outside home. The original plan would have gone somewhat like this:

We will bring Nat out to play on his birthday which fell on a weekend, then take a day's off work and spend some quality time with Jiejie on her birthday which fell on a weekday. Simple and nice!

But, nope, it was a no-go as my then line manager had discouraged me from taking leave. And so, instead of doing 2 separate small celebrations, we decided to do  1 bigger event since their birthdays are just a few days apart.

The City was lotsa fun for the kids' and their friends. With different interest area for the kids to play pretend. And just like a real city, there were super market, salon, clinic, cafe and all. Our not-so-little party was help in the Police Station! Aha. my guests are all erm, captivated (pun intended). I wonder if that was the idea behind having the function room in the Police Station. Hum.

Unlike the other interest areas, the interior of the Police Station has nothing police-y about it.
It's a regular function room and here's how it looked like after we decorated it. 
Annie helping to decorate Baby Nat's cake. She's such a gem :)) 
Not wasting a moment, the girls quickly got busy dressing up in princess costumes.
And then, came Jiejie's friends.
and Baby Nat's friends, who are in fact, Meimei's classmates. 
Our little cousin came too.
And we put both Vera and Nat in the little shopping carts. 
Our youngest guest was little Isis. Our favourite baby in our neighbourhood.
Now, let me see. Where's my little birthday boy?
Look mom! I'm a doctor! 
The kids at the Supermart
The Supermart kept Nat busy and happy. It was really fun seeing the kids moving about with the mini shopping carts. 
Nodim making a payment at the cashier. 
Jiejie and her friends at the Beauty Parlour. The girls all looked so sweet and dainty :)
Toilet Support Group - The dainty little girls were off to the toilet.
The boys busy saving the day at the fire station.
While Baby Nat and I monkeyed around. 
The cafe is at the central of the whole play area...
where the kids played and served yummilious sandwiches
and pizzas
One can expect excellent service, huge portions at no additional or service charges. 
Like any city, we all need some super heros in our lives. 
Look! Batman is flexing his muscles. All ready to save the world. Anytime. 
The girls chatting before teabreak
Jiejie receiving birthday card and wishes from her friends.
The City provided little post card for kids to write on which were perfect, cos Jiejie loves receiving cards. 
Singing grace before tea. 
Not to be mistaken, it wasn't Meimei's birthday. But the little girl sure knew how to be in the limelight. LOL.
Jiejie on the other hand was a little shy but still very happy. 
Baby Nat attempting to blow out the candle.
Princess and I :)
Our growing family :))
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