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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The night before my flight to Stockholm

I am laying comfortably on my bed now knowing that tomorrow, at this hour, I would be on board a red eye flight to Sweden. I will be away from home for a short business trip. 4 days to be exact, but now it seems like 4 days is too long a time to be apart from the children. I am not sure if little boy or Meimei is fully aware that they will not see me for 4 days and 5 nights. But Jiejie is old enough to understand and seems a little sad. I told her that I will send her a postcard from Sweden and that did wonders for her cause she is now looking forward to receiving her first mail. However, knowing that the mail from Sweden might not reach her within the week, I've written her and her siblings little notes and will be dropping them in our postbox for Sam to pick them up for them. 

I am on the fence again. Wondering if it is wise to be pursuing a career when the kids are still so young. I know that staying home with the kids is not an option now and I really shouldn't be indulging in wishful thinking at this juncture.

Though I am looking forward to snow and some me time (having the whole bed to myself!), but I am missing my kids much already even before I board the plane (someone please tell me it's not abnormal to want 2 contradictory things at the same time!).

Emotions aside, it's going to be a hectic 4 days in Stockholm with training, meetings, emails to catch up and a challenging 7 hours time difference with the Asian markets that I work with (I really should be sleeping now). It is going to be a lonely trip too. I just hope that the trip would be fruitful and the kids wouldn't miss me too much.

Goodnight my darlings, mummy will be home soon. 

To do or not to do -ballet

Jiejie started ballet at 3 and since, Renee has been looking forward to her turn. She would mingle with the girls in Jiejie's class before lesson time and often refuse to leave the studio. The entry age for ballet lesson was 2.5 and Renee was still too young. We'd counted down to the day when Renee turned 2.5 and immediately signed her up for classes.

I remember the delight on her face when she first wore her pink leotard and ballet shoes. But when the teacher introduced her to her class, she backed up. Insisting to be in the same class as her elder sister, little Renee would not enter the studio without some drama. We struggled through tears, bargains and tight-hugging. Today, Renee would obediently go for her classes. However, she had expressed her dislike for ballet and had requested to stop.

Having gone through a year of crying, whining and finally seeing her learning and coping, it isn't an easy decision for us. We are not sure if little Renee is indeed uninterested, or just going through a phase  of learning. Both Sam and I are on the fence... We really don't know what is the best.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My happily ever after... according to my kid

I was home late last night and the kids were already asleep. I was feeling rather guilty for not spending the evening with them, especially since I'll be traveling for most of next week. A little something I found on my dressing table cheered me up and at the same time, it gave me a bigger dose of mama guilt.

Jiejie had made a little card for me. She drew me and Sam on the cover and wrote our fairy tale inside.
If only marriages were as simple and easy as she puts it. She made me want to make my happily-ever-after real... for her, for the family and for myself too.
Sam has got hair! Shanice usually draws her dad with 3 strain of hair. Love the flower hands. LOL

Awww...I melted. But darling, we'll need to work on your spelling and grammar soon ;D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where do babies come from?

"Daddy, where do babies come from?" 

We were trying to coax the kids to sleep when our 3 years old asked the question.

Sam: From mommy's tummy. You remember when your baby brother was in mommy's belly? You came from there too.

Meimei: How did I get into mommy's belly?

Sam: uhmmm... Daddy gave mommy some seeds of love...

Me: I know. It grew into a love tree!

Everyone cracked up laughing.
I was obviously out to make fun of Sam. Seeds of love??? How cheesy! Lol.

Me: Daddy gave mommy sperms. There are eggs in mummy's belly. When the sperm meets the egg, they combine and become a baby. 

I was feeling rather pleased with my answer. I looked at Sam and gave him the I-know-it-all look. Then...

Jiejie: But how did the sperms get into mommy's body?


Meimei: Where did Daddy get the sperms?

Sam: erm. There are sperms in daddy's body.

Jiejie: where is it? How did u take it out? 

By then, I was trying to sneak out of the room...

Sam: Ask your mom!

Me: daddy's smarter. Ask daddy!

Sam: o look at the time. It's so late already. Sleep. quick.

Somehow, we managed to wiggle out of this and eventually tucked them into bed. Pew!!!

I recall asking my mom the same question. According to my mother, I came from a rock. And explosion took place and there I was! Ta-dahh - rock hatched into a baby! 
Image from:

My younger sister was less fortunate.She was originated from the rubbish chute.

Original image from:

Not convinced? We'd checked with our peers. Apparently most of us were either transformed from rocks or picked up from the bins. A few lucky ones were delivered to their parents by a white stork (Bless you Mr Stork).
Image from:

Only a rare few were biological children to their parents. 

I was tempted to point my kids to their grandparents but I fear getting tougher questions like these....

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