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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Open Heart Strawberry Cake (with a hint of lemon)

I am the eldest among my siblings. Yes, it's cool but I've always wanted to have an elder sister or brother - and thankfully, I do have a close relative cousin who very much raise to the role. She is smart, beautiful and very talented. Like me (or rather - I, like her), she was a designer too! And a darn good one - she graduated first class from UK in fashion design! Whatever happened to my uni grades... erm is a mystery to myself, granted there is such a legend from the same family. Pttttf!

Yes, it's a recipe post (it still is) and so I'll go straight to the point. I thought I hear you say, "FINALLY!" ;)  My cousin sister's birthday is around the corner. It's not easy to shop for a present for someone who has everything. And especially so when I am tight on budget. So I offered to bake her a cake for her birthday this year. Here's what I made. (before the disaster of slopping frosting when I pile it up to the 3rd layer). I really should have keep it to layer one - and there you are, an Open Heart Strawberry Cake!

Step 1: Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whip it up with a mixer. Bake it at 180 degree celsius for 20 minutes

Step 2: Whip packet whip cream with icing sugar and natural lemon flavouring until stiff

Step 3: Spread whip cream on the surface of the cake and top it off with sliced strawberry. 

 If you are skilled at frosting, try layering it up with different colours . Who know, yours may look much better than mine. As for me... I think I'll need to attend some classes to frost a fresh cream cake correctly ;))

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easy 3 Steps Multi-Braids for Little Girls

My little girl loves curls - Not sure if she was influenced by the korean actresses or disney princesses'. Whichever the case, I wouldn't agree to perming her hair (not in another 10 years time)! I do however, curl her hair with a curler for special occasions and dinners. Another way to get temporal curls is to braid her hair and leave it for 2 hours or so before loosening up the braids. This must be the main reason she loves braided hairdos- they are pretty and she get to enjoy the temporal curls when she let her hair down after classes. 

Multi-braid is among her favourite hairstyles, not only 'cos it is pretty and lasting (doesn't mess up or loosen up easily), it also gives her even curls when she loosen the braids! I love it too, 'cos it's easy to

Here's sharing how it's done:

Step 1:
Divide hair in the middle and then evenly into upper halves and lower halves.

Step 2:
Create 2 braids from each bundle of hair. 

Step 3:
Gather the braids and tie them into 2 bundles. Ta-ahh! There you are, Multi-braids. ;))

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alphabet Painting for Kids

Here's a little activity I did with my kids at home using recycled cardboard from toy and clean food packages - we painted cut-out alphabets! You'll be amazed how simple it is ;)

Step1: Decide on what you would like to make out of the cut-out alphabets. I think they make excellent door signs for kid's rooms! And, that what we did. I also took the opportunity to make a logo for the blog ;) Always good to get some help from the kids, especially when the name of the blog is erm, kinda long.... lolx!

Once you've decided what to make out of the cut-outs, draw the alphabets on cardboard and cut them out (and yes, we are still at step 1 *grinning*).

Step2: Now that you are done cutting out the alphabets, here's when the fun for the kids begin!
Lay a layer of newspaper on the table and you are all ready for some fun (and messy) time painting ;)

Step 3: Leave the painted alphabets to dry. 

Step 4 (totally optional): Decorate the painted alphabets with dots, strips and colours. I prefer to work on this step after the younger kids have gone to bed. Jiejie however, was happy to decorate her own painted alphabets.

Step 5: Stick the alphabets on a clean sheet of cardboard and we are done! 

This is my favourite piece. Done by Jiejie for her little study table.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Imagination takes flight at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013!

We were at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013 @Changi Airport T3 yesterday. It was Super FUN (in caps) for the kids. Especially for the little boy- he wouldn't leave without a fight!

The kids get to make their own paper aeroplanes. and run around (yup, cos it ain't long enough to run along, much) the runway with their paper aeroplanes!

taking off...
... still taking off. ;)
Though the little boy did not know the rules to aeroplane chess, he probably had the most fun out of moving the blocks around, disrupting the game and building towers out of them! 

Couldn't beat her brother, Meimei joined the little boy to build a tall tower right in the middle of the board!
Jiejie helped to fix the picture challenge. It turned out to be an image of the control tower.

The kids wanting to join in the Singapore Memory Project.

"I want a card too!"

Jiejie attempting to write. 
 Grabbed a copy of the brochure as I haven't got much time to go through the exhibits in detail that day - the kids kept me busy =)

We started with fun time at the Singapore HeritageFest 2013, followed by  fuss time - trying to get the little boy to leave, and ended with nap time- the tired little boy was fast asleep shortly we left the exhibition for some shopping ;)

The little one asleep in the stroller with his make-shift pillow ;D
The loaf of bread was just the right fit to keep his head up. LOLx.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Food Review] The Domino Effect (aka WAH! So many types of pizzas at Domino's!!!!)

I took a meal off dieting to have dinner with a bunch of great folks at Domino's last night ;p
Whatever happened to going on a diet? O well, for good  food and good company, I'd merry first and diet later ;p Thank God it was worth the calories - great food, great variety and great people! 
Akin Super Stars at a press conference, these 8 new pizzas were the central of attention last night.
Happy to be at Domino's last night! Here's Jocelyn, with happiness proclaimed...
and Melissa enjoying the meal
Now, here's the Shiniest Star Pizza of the night...
Alfredo Prawn Pizza!!! (can't do without the exclamation!)
The first pizza that was completely wiped put within 20 mins! The irresistible Alfredo Prawn pizza promises the divine combination of seafood and cheesssseeeee! Well. I didn't manage to grab a slice for myself. *argh!*

Still,  all was not lost. The variety of pizzas were exciting to the taste buds, and my personal favourites were:
Napolitana Chicken
and Chilli Beef (not very spicy actually. Which is great for people with low tolerance for chilli. Yup, that's me!)
Do you know that there is no frying pans in Domino's kitchen? 
Well, that's because they do not make pan pizzas, which are those thick and hard crust that taste like cardboards. Talking about wasting calories,  pan pizzas are baked in a pan and thus require s the use for more oil in the preparation to remove the pizza from the pan.

My all time fav pizza crust is freshly made in the local kitchen daily. That explains the quality that I enjoy.

What's a good meal without the side dishes? We were spoilt with drumlets and cheesy onion rings. Yes! CHEESY onion rings! They were both yummy and fun to eat!
C is for Cheesy Onion Rings!!
Check out the cheese flakes on the onion rings ;)
We ended dinner with desserts. Yummilous chocolate lava cake pretty much sealed the evening on a sweet note.
Mouth watering, attas restaurant quality Chocolate Lava Cake
Keen on having some Domino's tonight?
Check out their new menu and you'll be spoilt with choices! By the way, Domino's promises delivery within 30 mins, or you'll get a regular pizza voucher from them! Now that's good service, if you ask me ;)