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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Coolest Job

Were you at Gardens by the bay this evening? If so, we might have met on the train or at the One Direction Carnival at Super Tree Grove. I was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to paint at the event. I was expecting to meet lotsa lovely young people at the event, and I did. What I wasn't expecting was their energy and enthusiasm - they were infectious! The hearts that know no wonder, and so full of hope and dreams. Boy, how I miss my teenage days.

I was painting when a group of teenagers who were waiting for their turn chatted with me casually. 
The conversation went like this:

Girl: Are you a volunteer here?
Me: Ah, nope. 
Another Girl: O, then how did you manage to be here
Me: O, an event company hired me. 
Girls: Wow, so they choose you?!
Me: Well, I guess you can say so but... 

I meant to say "not necessary in the same fashion as you might have imagined..." when a boy exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, "So, you're the CHOSEN one!" Lolx! And, everyone burst out laughing.

Girl: So you get paid?
Me: Why, yes. 
Girl to Another Girl: WOW! She's got the coolest job!

And she was absolutely right. I do have the coolest job. Here's a peek into my work at One Direction Carnival today. I believe you will agree with me that it's kinda kick-ass to be a face painter :)
LOTD for One Direction Carnival.
Super love the result of my hand-made template for the logo. 
Here's how I made the template. I searched for the logo in the internet and printed it out.
After which, I sacrificed one of my old clear folder and cut out the 1D logo with a pen knife.
Here's my booth. It's just beside the Air-Brush Tattoo booth.
Gloomy day. It was drizzling at the event but the fans were nonetheless excited and on fire for more One Direction music and merchandises  
 Here's are some of the pretty faces I painted today.

1D logo with rainbow
1D logo with Singapore Flag and red roses
more logo, flag and roses
Me and a pretty little One Direction Fan. She came with her mom and younger brother.
It was drizzling near the end of the event and her little brother offered to hold the umbrella for me. What a sweetie! I was painting with one hand and shielding my paint from the rain with an umbrella with the other hand, I couldn't be more grateful for some help :)

I had so much fun at the event, I forgot to clean my face (which I usually do) after packing up for the day. I headed home on a mrt with my 1D face painting. Now that was quite bold for my age ain't it. Yay, still has a daring spirit at heart! Still rocks to good music and not too old to be a Directioner, methink. :) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Making Sense of Cubism - Art Appreciation & Simple Project for Little Children

If you've been following this blog, you would have guessed by now that I am officially 'jobless' and have been surviving on ad hoc and part-time jobs for a while. I hope I can sound more certain about the future but I really can't. The things that I set out to do didn't quite fall into place. Ironically, it's the things that started out as hobbies and leisure activities that bring in the dough. One of which is kids' craft...

Every now and then I would receive enquiries on kids' craft classes, and they always make my day. I love both art and children and it couldn't get better to be paid to do what I enjoy. Recently, I met up with a preschool principal who is keen to introduce fine art to her students. We are talking about children age 3 to 6. "Ah... how ambitious!" was my first thought, but after chatting further and understanding her requirements better, it seemed likely, in fact, it seemed like a brilliant idea! The challenge would be to simplify and present the concepts and ideas behind major art movements and iconic paintings to the children and to design achievable projects for the students to execute. It excited me, and I took it up right away. Today, I am happy to report that I have got the lesson plan for the art appreciation programme done and am looking forward eagerly to meet my new students at the preschool very soon. 

Here's a sneak preview of what's in stored for my new students this December.  If you are like me, a fan of Modern Art, then this is one activity you must do with your kids at home. 

What is Cubism?
It is a major art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque during the early 20th Century. Yup, not that long ago. It was "the first abstract style of modern art". If you are keen to piece the art movements to the modern art time line, here's a good read: 

Making sense of Cubism to children

Here's what I did:
I made a box to illustrate the concept of cubism to children. Getting the children to look at the box from different angles, I ask simple questions to help them understand the limitation of perspective. 

How many colours can you see from this angle? 

Can you see purple from here?

 What about this angle, what are the shapes you see?

Because of the limitation of perspective, it is not possible for a photograph taken from a fixed angle to fully illustrate the "reality" of the box. This is where Cubism comes in handy. By cutting out the box into different pieces and regrouping them together, Cubism presents the box in it's totality.

Art Project: Acrylic on Canvas aka Tape and Paint 
Here's how to put what we've learned together on a blank canvas:

Step1 : Get the child to "cut-out" the canvas into smaller shapes using clear or masking tape. 

Step 2: Base on the colours of the box, prepare the colour palette.

Step3: Guide the child to fill up the individual shapes with various colours.

Step 4: Let them paint! And be prepared for some creative mess. :)

Step 5: Let it dry.

Step 6: Remove tape.

I love how pretty the clear tape looks. I would very much like to make it into something but that would be another project for another day :)

Expect the work to look a little messy, depending on individual preference, you may want to touch up a little or let it be. I tided ours with some white paint and ta-dahhh! Here's presenting our very own master piece!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Saying "Hello Fishes!" at SEA Aquarium

Have you been to the SEA Aquarium at Resort World Singapore?
If you haven't than you MUST - It's the Largest Aquarium in the World Wide World!

We were there on a Sunday and I would strongly recommend you to visit on a weekday instead. Why so? Cos it was very crowded that day. The aquarium was lovely but the crowd, queues and squeezing our way through pretty much puts me off a little, just a little. Overall it's was a good outing.

We were in time for "The Rise of the Eastern Pirates" Exhibition! Which was great, we love piraty things - Thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates :)
Huge screen showing the story of Zheng He, the famous Chinese explorer who sailed to unknown shores from China.
The kids were engrossed with the animation on the huge screen. Needless to say, the show was very engaging. 
If you ask me, I'd say that the pirates look cooler than the pirate hunters. :)
Glimpses of the Silk Route, the goods, the people and the culture. 
Pretty lanterns at the exhibition. 
Silk Route Board Game
wooooo, so that's how ancient coins look like.
After the exhibition, which leads the way to the entrance of the aquarium, it was time to meet some fishes! 

Here we come! 
The divers were like superstars. I too joined in the crowd and took some pictures of them :)
Check out the magnificent center piece, and  crowd
Nat saying hello to all the fishes he sees.
He was very busy that day :) 
Here's Shanice touching SHARK's EGGS!
Though they were empty, still, they were REAL egg shells. I thought she was pretty brave! Aha. 
My baby photographer was ever so eager to take photos of everything.
Here's the optical window, it gave us a bigger picture of the corals. 
What I enjoyed most about the aquarium was the presentation of various habitats. 
Behind us was the mangrove marine habitat. 

Here's the widest aquarium panel.
Did you know, the glass panels are 70cm thick! Yup, 70 not 17cm, that's how it holds the pressure from the surrounding waters.
Ocean Dome. Here's where the guide introduces visitors to the different sea creatures.
The creature in the above image is a manta ray, yup, not stingray, no sting though they are cousins.
A fun fact I learned from the guide that day: Mr Ray in Finding Nemo is in fact a manta ray. In real life, the manta ray is every little fish best friend. It creates a current with it's flapping motion which helps the smaller fishes to swim with lesser effort. That's why it is always surrounded with little fish-friends. I like that fact that a manta ray is never lonely :)

Here's a stingray. I like the manta ray cousin better. I like the way they swim- they seem to be flying in the ocean :)
WOW! Jello-coloured Sea Jellies! 
More Jelly fishes. Ain't they graceful?
In awe of the vastness of marine life. 
We are so small in the face of the nature (even if it's only a glimpse of it). 
We went home with a message from the Aquarium.
An important message to conserve and protect the marine life in this planet we share.