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Friday, October 17, 2014

Milk carton to shoe lacing sneaker in 10 mins

I made a milk carton sneaker for Chubby to practise tying shoelace. 
I got the idea from this Melissa & Dough Toy Sneaker:
Melissa & Dough Lacing Sneaker. Image taken from Melissa & Doug's Website.
It's actually quite reasonably priced but being me (typical aunty), I wondered if I could try to make one, ya know, have some fun making it while saving some money. 

I had a rough idea in mind and an almost-finishing carton of milk in the refrigerator. So I drank up the milk and tried making working with the milk carton. Frankly, I wasn't too sure if it would work - I didn't draw up a draft or have an exact idea on the execution. I just drank my milk, rinsed the milk carton and sat down with a pair of scissors. The experiment turned out to be a success and much easier than expected. All in all, it can be done in 10 mins (Yes! Not kidding). Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Open up the milk carton and cut along the sides. Take care to not cut through the bottom ends (see picture below). It really depends on the size of the sneaker you want to make - the bigger the size, the lesser you cut. 

Step 2: Bend in the sides and tape them together so that it forms a curve. This will be the back of the sneaker. Following the curve, cut off the bottom flap 
Bend in the sides and tape them together so that it forms a curve
Following the curve, cut off the bottom flap
Somebody can't wait to play with it already!
Step 3: Cut the top flap of the milk carton. This will become the tongue of the sneaker. 

Step 4: Cut a curve near the end of the carton on both sides (See image below).

Step 5: Push down the top flap and fold in the sides

Step 6: Punch holes along the sides 

And, you're done! No sweat!

Now, string in the lace and start having some fun with your toddler. :)

He looks like he is in love! lolx!
String it in...
That's right, and pull it out!
You can make one too! Have fun!

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